mountaineering company specializing in ascents of Ecuador´s highest volcanic peaks and trekking across the country´s wildest high-altitude landscapes.


The Ecuadorian Alpine Institute (EAI) has been a mountain specialist tour operator founded on 1st March 1998 in Ecuador right now is over 19 years in the operation tour expert in de climbing adventure, cycling all over Ecuador, Trekking, Rock climbing, Kayaking and Rafting on the major rives and much more, combining the physical challenge cultural and aesthetic experiences of the last wild places in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Argentina. During this all the time, we have built strong relationships with the local guides and people mountaineers, park authorities and rangers, muleteers, hotel owners, transportation drivers etc. This has allowed us to maintain and continually improve upon our standard of excellence services, giving our clients the consistency they deserve year after year, and making us unique.
We have pioneered in run a trip in all South America and routes which are safe and safety first, comfortable and still the most scenic scenery’s, scouted for those perfect campsites and unforgettable experiences, and explored the best of what’s off the beaten track. In all our programmes, we have had successful summit attempts with 85% of each group, and all participants have enjoyed good camaraderie with each other.

Welcome to the Ecuadorian Alpine Institute (EAI) website

EAI is a mountaineering tour company which specialises in ascents of Ecuador’s highest volcanic peaks and trekking across the country’s wildest high-altitude landscapes.

While we cater to experienced climbers, we also offer opportunities for novices who want to learn or improve their climbing technique. EAI’s climbing school ensures that you are comfortable with a wide range of glacier techniques such as knot-tying, self-rescue, crevasse rescue and navigation. Our usual client to guide ratio is between 2:1 and 3:1.

EAI’s founder and director, Ramiro Cunalata Donoso is a ASEGUIM member from the beginning when created the Ecuadorian Mountain Association, Hi has 35 years’ experience in climbing for hope, and 28 years a professional mountain guide scaling the most challenging glacial peaks in the Andes Like Chimborazo, Cayambe, Cotopaxi with more than 376 times just over the summit only, Iliniza South, Tungurahua, el Altar, Antisanan Iliniza North, Corazon, Imbabura, Pichcinchas and mach more in Ecuador, In South America Peru, Pisco, Chupikalki, Huscaran, Urus. Ishinca, Toclaraju, Alpamayo, Bolivia Pequeño Alpamayo, Huaina-Potosi, Ilimani And in Europe. Mount Moblan and others, Switzerland I take the Ski course and Avalanche course as well. He speaks fluent English, French and Spanish…


Professional Training Processes for certification of high mountain guides of Ecuador, In 1992 -93 was the first course dictated by CETUR tourism corporation and ASEGUIM, Where I enrolled in the complete course of this instruction, and to form myself as an official guide, approve the course and obtain the license of MONTANA ESPECIALIZADA. In 1994, with the Ecuadorian instructors who returned from ENSA France in 1995, a new official training course was opened for guides, after 3 long years the first guides rectified by ASEGUIM receiving my diploma from Aseguin on February 27, 1998. Over the years, and when I was in the directive as the second main vocal and under the command of Mr. President Marcial Vaquez we worked very hard, especially I to return to resume the relations with ENSA of France and the President of that time of International Union Mountain Guides Association (UIAGM) Mr. Cloud King of French nationality and again was given a new evaluation jointly with the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador and Aseguim and supervised with the Instructors of the UIAGM on October 22, 2006. In the present and for the good of Ecuador we have been active members of the UIAGM since May 2017. Thanks to the new directives that have taken very seriously to take to the top to our association Aseguim, today we are in the Evaluative process with courses of Updates to certify us as a guide UIAGM – ASEGUIM.

EAI offers:

  • Multi-lingual office administration and guides (English, German, French, Spanish)
  • Glacier climbing school (usually 1-3 days, can be more)
  • Private Transportation & 4WD rental service
  • Trekking and cycling tours
  • Customised itineraries / package tours:
    – Andes, Coast, Jungle and Galapagos
    – Climbing Extensions to Peru and Bolivia
  • In addition to Ramiro, all of EAI’s experienced guides are members of ASEGUIM (Association of Mountain Guides, Ecuador). Our high quality of service is based on European and American standards.
  • We see to every aspect of your trip – and when you book a trip with us, it is us that you will climb and trek with.
  • When you visit Ecuador, rest assured that you will receive the same excellent service that we have always provided for all our satisfied clients.

EAI. Mountaineering Philosophy

To EAI, acclimatisation is the most important factor in preparing for a high-altitude climb. Without proper acclimatisation, an enjoyable or successful ascent is unlikely – you will be aching all over and might experience very intense headaches or vomiting, which will greatly hinder your climbing. These symptoms could occur even before leaving the refuge to set foot on the slopes.

Many guidebooks and tour operators will have you believe that mountains such as Cotopaxi (5897m) are a walk in the park and can be accomplished in two days without acclimatisation. This is not the case. Climbing at such high altitude puts intense strain on your body and circulatory system; less oxygen in your blood stream means that you tire much faster. It is thus imperative that you are sufficiently acclimatised and physically prepared before even approaching the climb.

Like the weather, glacial conditions are ever-changing and difficulty levels fluctuate throughout the year. That is why our programmes are designed to provide you the right amount of acclimatisation, building your strength, fitness and confidence through a series of gradual climbs and technical training sessions before attempting the higher glacial peaks.

The ideal diet for climbing at high altitude consists of what your body needs and will process most easily during the climb. Diet is an important consideration because certain foods will tire you out rather than supply positive energy and endurance. EAI provides you with a lean, healthy, complete energy diet because we know how beneficial it can be to a climber’s physical and mental state.
A sample menu from EAI:
At Refugio Jose Ribas, Cotopaxi (4800m)
– Plain biscuits / popcorn / nuts
– Pasta with a fresh vegetable sauce and small pieces of chicken
– Pudding or jelly
– Herbal tea
This meal is based on carbohydrates, which are easily digested and won’t tax your system. Fresh vegetables and chicken provide some fibre and protein, which are still essential. Herbal tea is effective for hydration and against overheating, while a small dessert gives you a bit of sugar for energy.

Foods we avoid:
– Any type of meat in large quantities
– Creamy and rich sauces
– Overly spiced/seasoned foods
– Oily foods
– Rice
– Corn
– Plantains
** I think you should remove rice / corn / bananas because they are all carbohydrates and are commonly eaten by many climbers in Europe. They are also in the food that EAI usually serves – cornflakes, muesli, popcorn, banana chips. I have suggested alternatives that you can put on the list (highlighted in yellow above). **

These are heavy and difficult to digest at high altitude, especially without sufficient acclimatisation. Stay fit and eat healthy for a life of good mountaineering!

Good luck with EAI Expeditions 🙂