Run trip from 12 of February to 17 of February 2007 – 3 SUMMITS ALONG THE AVENUE OF VOLCANOES

Hi Ramiro,

Many thanks to all at EAI who made my trip so successful. Seeing you in the office made my realize all the work that goes in beforehand particularly to get all the food sorted out.

Everything about my trip was successful :- Speaking with Ramirez in the beginning All the answers from you All the drivers who got me from one place to another and finally I would particularly like to comment how well I enjoyed Freddy as my guide – he has to be one of the best. There is one characteristic of Freddy that I need to tell you about and I have attached photos as evidence – he tends to lie down on the job. The first photo is on the top of – Guagua Pichincha and the second on Iliniza Norte The third photo was taken on our safe return from Iliniza Norte – please let Freddy have this one.