Run trip from: 30/10 — 14/11 05

Hello Ramiro ~

I am back home safe and sound with just my memories and photos of Ecuador to remind me of such a wonderful trip!
Thank you so much for all your help, information, time, energy and arrangements that made my visit so great. Of course as I told you, Wilson by far the best guide I have ever had and went out of his way with his concern for my well being and safety. He also has such an unbelievable knowledge of the country in both it’s history and land I feel like I had a climbing and history tour all in one! He really is quite amazing and or course his English is wonderful which is always nice considering how little Spanish I know.

Thanks also to both you and Ramiro for treating me to dinner while I was in Quito, that was a wonderful mean and even better company!

Take care, I’ll definitely refer others to you as I did during my time there when I met anyone who was interested in climbing or the Amazon.

Thank you again, bye, Mary

Mary Chayka-Crawford