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» Bolivia Expedition Ilimany Pequeño alpamayo Cordillera Real Boliva Condoriri La paz Huayna Potosi – 19 days

PEQUEÑO ALPAMAYO 5,370m (17,613ft)
HUAYNA POTOSI 6,088m (19,968ft)
ILIMANI 6,439m (21,119ft)

La PAZ is the highest capital city in the world!

You arrive at the high airport at 4,200m (13,776ft). Nice experiences for you and hiking on the altiplane landscape.
After your arrival in La Paz, Bolivia, EAI staff pick you up for the transfer IN and your first night in the hotel at 3,800m (12,464ft). We will spend 19 days in Bolivia including day visiting the Indian markets and visiting the Titicaca. See where the Indian population around the famous Titicaca lake make mysterious ceremonies and many other activities. We also visit the Island de la Lune and del Sol.

(The sea lagoon is one of the most famous in South America). Other days of rest will include days in La Paz, a tranquil and relaxing city where we renew our energy after reaching the other highest peaks. The tour will begin in Bolivia with altitude acclimatization on the Titicaca lake at Coopacabana. We propose that you climb the three following mountains before the «real» adventure on the Cordillera Real Bolivia: Alpamayo Chico 5,370m (17,613ft), Huayna-Potosi 6,088m (19,968ft), and Illimany with 6,439m (21,119ft). The peaks of Bolivia are well known among climbers. Illimani is one of the interesting 21,000 foot peaks, for climbers a very important peak. Our expedition will be to the highest mountain in Bolivia during the 19-day itinerary, following a thorough acclimatization program and glacier skills training, packed with climbing activity and a variety technical equipment in a natural mountaineering environment.

This 19-day trip also enables us to experience the landscape, culture and people of the smallest Andean villages and country. During the expedition, we meet a local people who live near and on the Andes Mountain. The first two objectives provide good acclimatization before we move on to Condoriri base camp for a glacier training program, culminating in an ascent of this popular Alpamayo chico peak. On the way to the Alpamayo peak, we have time for glacier skills that provide all the team members with fitness and the acclimatization necessary for success on the two higher peaks of Huayna-Potosi and Illimani.

Bolivia is perhaps the easiest and most pleasant of South American countries to travel in. It’s home to the highest capital city in the world, La Paz, which has beautifully preserved colonial character architecture, at an altitude of 3,800m (12,467ft).. It enjoys an invigorating spring-like climate. During the expedition, we will have time to explore La Paz and its enchanting Indian markets.

EAI proposes the three following mountains to begin the «real» adventure on the Cordillera Real

PEQUEÑO ALPAMAYO 5,370m (17,613ft)
HUAYNA POTOSI 6,088m (19,968ft)
ILIMANI 6,439m (21,119ft) The highest peak on this expedition.

iconoDay 01:

Leave the US for Bolivia in the evening. Most flights are via Miami.

iconoDay 02:

Arrive in La Paz International Airport; 4,200m (13,776ft) and spend the day acclimatizing, followed by a team welcome dinner.

iconoDay 03:

Visit the ruins of Tiahuanaco. Close to La Paz, the largest archaeological site in Bolivia lends insight into this country’s past, and its Amyara civilization. The ruins date back to 1,600 BC. Exploring these high altitude ruins will also aid our acclimatization.

iconoDay 04:

Drive to Lake Titicaca. The world’s largest navigable lake, Titicaca sits at over 3,780m (12,400ft). We spend the day on the water, visiting Suriki Island and the indigenous people. We stay the night in the famed waterfront resort of Copacabana.

iconoDay 05:

COPACABANA – TUNICONDORIRI BASE CAMP We have breakfast in the Hotel in Copacabana, relaxing during the morning. After Lunch we will board a private bus and drive around El Alto, with wonderful views of the Altiplano and Cordillera Real. After 3 hours driving we will arrive at the village of Tuni. Here we will meet our mule drivers and mules, then start trekking up to Base Camp, we will make our camp site next to lake Chiarkota, 4,600m (15,088ft) for dinner and spending the night.

iconoDay 06:

CLIMBING SCHOOL AT THE ILISION GLACIERS We start with a skills review on a nearby glacier; we cover crampon and ice axe use, crevasse rescue, and fixed line travel. We also hike at least 5,030m (16,500ft) to aid our acclimatization process and get closer views of our route. We head back to our base camp, to prepare for the next summit day and head to bed early.

iconoDay 07:

BASE CAMP – SUMMIT ATTEMPT – BASE CAMP After an energizing breakfast at the base camp, we will start climbing the Pequeño Alpamayo at about 3 A.M. It has a III grade-/AD, 250m, 45º-50º (4 hours climbing from the base camp approximately). After reaching our goal of summiting Pequeño Alpamayo, we will return to the base camp for dinner and spending the night at 4,600m (15,091ft).

iconoDay 08:

BASE CAMP – TUNI – DRIVE BACK TO LA PAZ After breakfast in the base camp, we will descend for about 2 hours to Tuni village. We will have lunch here and board the private car back to La Paz. We’ll have dinner and spend the night in La Paz at the hotel.

iconoDay 09:

Rest day in La Paz, exploring the local markets and neighborhoods. No trip to La Paz is complete without a visit to the Witch’s Market!

iconoDay 10:

By now, we are ready to climb! Today we drive to base camp on Huayna Potosi, near Laguna Zongo 4,786m (15,700ft). After our arrival, we climb to a high camp at 5,487m (18,000ft) with the assistance of high altitude porters. We’ll spend the night at high camp.

iconoDay 11:

Summit day! We leave our high camp early in the morning at 3 A.M. Around 7-9 hours of climbing takes us through crevasse fields and moderate to steep slopes, before finishing on an exposed ridge looking over the 3,000 foot West Face. After some great photos, we descend all the way to Base Camp at Laguna Zongo, where our private car is waiting to drive us back to La Paz. Arriving in La Paz, we take much-needed showers, eat a big meal, and sleep.

iconoDay 12:

We take the day to rest in La Paz again to recover our energy for climbing Ilimani, the next and last high mountain. We will spend the day exploring the local markets and neighborhoods. No trip to La Paz is complete without a visit to the Witch’s Market!

iconoDay 13:

We leave La Paz and drive east to the trail head of Illimani. On our way, we have great photo opportunities, from how the altiplano population lives and the spectacular views. After arrival, we immediately we make the easy walk to our base camp at 4,573m (15,000 ft) with the help of burros who bring our gear. We spend the night at the base camp on Ilimani Foot Mountain.

iconoDay 14:

A rest day at Base Camp, with possible advanced skills development on a nearby glacier.

iconoDay 15:

We move to a high camp, the Nest of the Condors, 5,602m (18,372 ft). Again, porters help to make this more manageable and allow us to enjoy the stunning surroundings. We spend the night at the High camp.

iconoDay 16:

Another pre-dawn start takes us across Illimani’s glaciers. As the sun rises, we will be nearing the steeper upper slopes, which will test all of the skills we have learned through our two weeks in Bolivia. The journey will take about 6-7 hours. Reaching Illimani’s summit will be a moment for each of us to savor, take same pictures, and get a little bit of rest before descending all the way back down to the base camp for the last night on the mountains.

iconoDay 17:

From our Base Camp we drive back to La Paz for a final celebration dinner.

iconoDay 18:

This day is an extra contingency day for summiting if necessary. If not, we enjoy a day of pampering ourselves in La Paz.

iconoDay 19:

You’ll leave La Paz early in the morning.