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» Ecuador Condor Trek – Papallacta Antisana Sincholagua Cotopaxi National Park Machachi – 4 days.

iconoDay 1:

Depart from Quito at 9:00 A.M. In a private car we drive for the road how go to the Jungle the same way how used the Conquistador Francisco de Orellana to discover the Amazon river on the Colonial time, we pass bay car at 4200mts. for meet the el Tambo area where we beginning the trek, that is near of Papallacta (2h. drive) on this place with our mules and arrieros how carry the back pack, food etc.The Condor trek starts here in the Tambo area we beginning a hike across the Páramo grass and Andean flowers with a very good view around over the areas we move, we take a lunch on the up hill of the trek, short rest and continue our hike and cross at small area of swamp and hike down hill. we hike around 4 hours and arrive at a volcano lake around 4 or 5:00 P.M. set up our camping, resting and dinner. Final elevation at 10,900ft.) Camp. (BL./D)

iconoDay 2:

Breakfast 8:00 A.M. Leave the volcano lake at 9:00 A.M. for the Santa Lucia River. This day takes you across the high Páramo which is an excellent place to see Andean Eagles and Condors, we hike up hill for 1/2 of day, lunch at "Machay" how is the rack on the way up, here is excellent natural cabin for rest and protect if the rain is heavy. After rest we continue our hike and cross the beautiful land escape near of Antisana mountain where we look the glacier of this mountain, Valley horses, if the water is good we have to changes and look at different land escape a cross the area in the orison we look Mt. Volcano Cotopaxi, continue hike at the flat part of trek we arrive at the Santa Lucia River our next set up camp, around 4 or 5:00 P.M., this is where we will make camp for the night (7-8 hour hike with at final elevation of 12,730ft.) Camp. (B./BL./D)

iconoDay 3:

Breakfast 8:00 A.M.. Leave the Santa Lucia river at 9:00 A.M. for the El Carmen River. Along the way you cross an extensive flat areas with a wonderful view of the Andean hills, the Mika Lake the most big on this area etc etc. This is also a very good place to see Andean Eagles and Condors how flight same times near where we cross. lunch on the way and continue the hike up short up hill and arrive at nest set camp at el Carmen River around 4 or 5:00 P.M. set up the camp and rest (7 hour hike with a final elevation of 12,120ft.) Camp. (B./BL./D)

iconoDay 4:

Breakfast 8:00 A.M.. Leave the El Carmen River at 9:00 AM. This is nice hike through barley fields where it is common to spot Andean Eagles, flight of the Condors, Lamas and more other wailed animals. We pass at the foot of the Sincholagua mountain nice colorful from the ground rocks Red, yellow and maroon color, it is from the natural minerals from the typical Volcano in the Andeans Mountains. Lunch on the way, short rest, We then descend into the Cotopaxi National Park to the Pita river. where was in the pass a campsite, trough here we pass direct to the Tambopaxi Hosteling were we have a very good relax and delicious cuisine and restaurant, from the river Pita to Tambopaxi we use 1. ½ hour were should provide us a incredible views form cotopaxi volcano. (8 hour hike with a final resting point Tambopaxi. OR back to Quito too. (B./BL)